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Our Customers as a whole are becoming more politically and socially conscious. They buy products that adhere to their political and social beliefs.

“Eighty-three percent of Millennials say it’s important for the companies they buy from to align with their beliefs and values. Needless to say, these consumers have high expectations of the brands and companies they deal with.

Considering our younger consumers, we as Fashion Wear Brand, know to be Sustainable in long run we must send the right messages to align our own values with them

Such is the growing prevalence among consumers to deal with brands that align to their values, that non-alignment can run the risk of consumers shunning certain businesses.​



We have a Vision towards building a Slow brand, and to offer our Customers Dresses that make them feel Good about their Purchases. Our Commitment towards listening to you as we continue to Evolve,Grow and build, stands Strong.

Aligning Our Vision

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At Frills&Falls We consciously choose to only make few Limited Designs and Dresses as we’re not trend-led and we never will be..

We encourage our Patrons tochoose Style over Fashion, because the planet cannot sustain a brand new wardrobe for everybody every season.


Making these sorts of decisions, as a consumer as a retailer, means sacrifice. For Consumers, it might mean that the products you choose are slightly more expensive than machine made chemically dyed fabrics & Clothes

For us, Makers who choose better fabrics or to pay their staff fair wages, it might mean that margins aren’t as big or that we’re releasing Premium Quality products less frequently than other brands.

Our Limited Edition handcrafted Dresses, Accessories offer our patrons Dresses those are well-made,  well-designed and made with an appreciation for their makers.

We believe a well-aligned brand delivers a recognizable brand experience and reliably makes good on its brand promise.

Our customer's trust that is built in the process leads to the ultimate asset : Brand  Loyalty.

We work and partner only with people who look after their own people. We make our things, whether with small weaver communities in Malda ,Murshidabad ( West Bengal, India) (who developed our Muslin and Linen Fabrics) .

Our tailoring unit far away from hustle & bustle of Crowded City or with carefully-selected Logistics partners who we know have great working conditions and treat their people well.

Dipa Guhathakurta ,

Founder | Frills&Falls

Shopping Spree

Acceptance & Commitments

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